When Should You Call A Commercial Electrician

Commercial electrical repair is not a project you should take on yourself and could be dangerous when done by amateurs. Hiring an orange county commercial electrician saves time, money, and, potentially, lives. So when should you call in an Orange County commercial electrician? Here are occasions when a professional electrical contractor in Orange County are needed: WHEN […]

How To Hire An Electrician In Orange County?

If you need an electrician in Orange County, call J.E.C! Our expert electricians have many years of experience with electrical repair service in Orange County, CA. We aim to ensure our clients are safe and comfortable despite the weather. That said, here are the advantages of hiring our professional electricians for any electrical problem. FINDING AN […]

Four Tips For Avoiding Structural Fires On Commercial Property

Commercial property owners lose millions of dollars each year due to structural fires. And it’s impossible to put a price on the lives lost and injuries caused by these fires. Building codes help prevent structural fires. However, property owners can also improve fire safety by talking to a commercial electrician in Anaheim. Are you concerned about […]

Common Electrical Issues In Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings have highly complex wiring systems, and because of that, they tend to have electrical issues more often than residential dwellings. Routine checks by your commercial electrician in Anaheim will help you keep your system up and running in the safest capacity possible. Typical electrical problems found in commercial properties are sparks at outlets, flickering lights, […]

5 Ways To Reduce Industrial Energy Costs

Have you ever stopped to consider just how much energy is wasted every month in your facility? You could quickly be paying for power that is escaping through different energy sources, such as inefficient equipment and leaking air compressors. The United States is at the top of the list for wasting energy, even compared to […]

How An Industrial Electrician Will Save You Cash

Our to-do lists seem to get longer every day, and we are always looking for ways to get those tasks done quickly and easily. While we know you like to get the job done yourself, there are a few critical tasks you may want to leave to the professionals. Industrial electrical work is one of […]

How To Choose A Commercial Lighting Maintenance Company in Fullerton, CA

Safe lighting that functions appropriately is key to success in your business, store, or warehouse. Therefore, it is essential to invest in a Fullerton commercial lighting maintenance company that will suit your needs. Having a good company like J.E.C makes the work easier for you when it comes to repairs and maintenance. A commercial lighting […]

Benefits Of Using 3 Phase Lighting From The Best Orange County Commercial Electrician

Your daily electricity usage makes up for the most significant percentage of your utility bill. By getting energy-efficient lighting in your commercial building, you can increase productivity. At J.E.C, we strive to ensure that you get the most out of your lighting system. HOW THE THREE-PHASE SYSTEM WORKS As the name suggests, in a three-phase […]

How Retrofitting Fluorescent Lighting Can Save You Money

Lighting retrofitting refers to replacing various parts and components in a lighting system with more efficient parts. For example, a homeowner may decide to replace old, yellow-tinted sodium lamps with whiter fluorescent lights. Retrofitting is a quick and convenient way of upgrading the existing lighting system without spending money on swapping all components with an […]

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