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Four Tips For Avoiding Structural Fires On Commercial Property

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Four Tips For Avoiding Structural Fires On Commercial Property

Commercial property owners lose millions of dollars each year due to structural fires. And it’s impossible to put a price on the lives lost and injuries caused by these fires. Building codes help prevent structural fires. However, property owners can also improve fire safety by talking to a commercial electrician in Anaheim.

Are you concerned about a structural fire occurring on your commercial property? Here are some tips from J.E.C to help you reduce the chances of a property fire.

1. Perform Routine Maintenance On Equipment

Commercial property fires are often caused by improperly maintained equipment. Develop a maintenance schedule to check for problems regularly. Repair any problems as soon as possible. It would help if you also considered replacing old equipment that no longer works as well as it should.

2. Remove Fire Hazards

Fire hazards are a common problem when it comes to commercial property. You can often find these hazards either outside or inside of your property. To reduce the risk of fire, make an effort to remove any fire hazards on your property.

Start by maintaining a safe distance between your building and outdoor organic material. Remove leaves and bushes that are too close to the walls. It also helps to store flammable materials in a safe location. Consider a well-ventilated storage unit or shed away from the building.

Make sure that escape routes are clear. Fire escapes shouldn’t have obstructions that prevent access. Remove any blockages that prevent tenants from exiting via walkways and stairs.

3. Create A Fire Escape Plan

You likely have an emergency plan for dealing with a fire. If not, now is the time to create one.

Appoint someone to take charge in the event of a fire. This person will direct people to fire exits and make sure everyone leaves the building. If appropriate, this person will also use the fire extinguisher should the situation call for it. You can also appoint a second person to take charge if the first person is unable.

Make sure fire extinguishers are visible and within reach for tenants. Plan an escape route, post it where everyone can see it, and go over the escape route with tenants. Also, develop a plan for contacting 911 and working with the fire department.

4. Develop A Maintenance Schedule For Fire Equipment And Systems

Recharge rechargeable fire extinguishers every six years. And replace disposable fire extinguishers every 12 years.

Your fire extinguisher should have a pressure gauge that you should check once a month. If the needle falls outside of the green zone, it’s time to replace the extinguisher.

Your fire sprinkler system needs testing, maintenance, and inspection as well. However, the schedule for testing, maintenance, and assessment isn’t the same. A reputable testing company can help maintain your fire sprinkler system.

Commercial Electrician Services

Are you concerned about electrical fire hazards on your commercial property? J.E.C can help. Our professional electricians are trained and experienced with issues that affect commercial property. For commercial electrician services, contact J.E.C today.


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