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Top Electrical Services In Placentia, CA

You can reach us by calling us at:

Phone: 714.993.6875 Fax: 714.993.6879

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Why Choose J.E.C For Your Placentia Electrical Needs

There are many electrical companies in Placentia, CA. But here’s why we are the best:

  • Licensed and insured
  • Affordable services
  • Transparent and reliable service
  • Availability and promptness
  • Emergency services

We are a team of skilled experts, always ready to help. Reach out to us for all the electrical services you need. At J.E.C, we make things happen the right way, the first time.

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Industrial Electrical Services Placentia

We handle all electrical services for industrial projects. Call us whether it’s for new construction, upgrade, or repair. We cater to hospitals, schools, factories, warehouses, and more.

Some of our services include:

  • Machine Wiring
  • System Upgrade And Replacement
  • Installation And Maintenance Of Warehouse Lighting System

Our technicians have the best knowledge and experience for lighting and electrical work.

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Commercial Electrical Services Placentia

Poorly lit spaces give clients a bad impression; we are here to make sure this isn’t the case. With our help, you will improve power usage and, as a result, reduce bills. We install fluorescent bulbs, sensors, and other energy-saving solutions. We ensure all facilities are safe and reliable. Faulty cables and frequent repairs will be a thing of the past.

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Residential Electrical Services Placentia

Tangles and exposed power cords are unsafe. On top of being a hazard, it can strain your home’s electrical system. To save up on costs and increase safety, contact J.E.C. We improve the lighting, safety, and comfort of our residential clients. At J.E.C, we always make energy-saving efforts.

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Lighting Maintenance Placentia

Routine maintenance prevents failures and maximizes productivity. After installments, we want our clients to enjoy an efficient lighting system. We handle lighting maintenance for simple or complex lighting systems. For all types of lighting and electrical maintenance, trust only J.E.C. With 35 years of experience on our corner, excellent service is guaranteed.

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Electrical Installation Services Placentia

Faulty electric installations can be a danger to residential and commercial building occupants. It may also lead to power leaks. Reduce repair costs by having us install your electrical system. At J.E.C, we guarantee safe and low-cost solutions.

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Electrical Repair Services Placentia

Faulty wiring can lead to energy leakage. You may be paying more for electricity than you need to. At J.E.C, we provide tips and solutions to help you cut costs. We also ensure all appliances are protected from electrical surges. We examine houses for tangled or naked cables that may be a fire hazard. At J.E.C, we leave no cable or wire unchecked.

For help you can trust, contact J.E.C. Our 35 years in the industry have given us maximum efficiency. Our employees are highly trained, equipped, and always eager to help. We cater to commercial and residential clients. For all electrical services Placentia needs, contact J.E.C!

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