Benefits Of Using 3 Phase Lighting From The Best Orange County Commercial Electrician

Your daily electricity usage makes up for the most significant percentage of your utility bill. By getting energy-efficient lighting in your commercial building, you can increase productivity. At J.E.C, we strive to ensure that you get the most out of your lighting system.


As the name suggests, in a three-phase system, three conductors carry three alternating currents of equal frequency. However, these currencies reach peak values at different times. Due to the delay between phases, the system produces a constant supply of power, which is incredibly necessary for a commercial setting.

Notably, some three-phase systems may have a neutral wire, while others may not. Those with a neutral wire can support lower voltage single phase appliances.

For commercial needs, an Orange County commercial electrician might recommend upgrading to 3 phase lighting. The system, which has three live conductors, has some advantages over a single-phase system, as we have outlined below.

1. Constant Power Supply

Single phased systems deliver pulsating power. On the other hand, a three-phase system delivers constant power when the loads are in a balanced condition.

2. Cost Effectiveness

A three-phase system will only require 75% of the conducting material that would be necessary for a single-phase system.

3. Efficiency

A three-phase system will require fewer resistors, conductors, and circuit breaker pole positions. Besides, since each line carries less voltage, it is safe to use physically smaller wires, which are relatively cheaper.

4. Easy Maintenance

Since there will be fewer systems in total, an Orange County commercial electrician can easily figure out where the problem is. Consequently, they can fix the problem faster.



To reduce the chances of making mistakes, a three-phase system has different wiring color requirements depending on the voltage. For instance, for a three-phase system rated at 120v, the neutral conductor is white. On the other hand, a neutral conductor for a three-phase system rated at 480v is grey. Wiring is not uniform across single-phase systems and three-phase systems. Besides differences in wiring, the two systems also have other differences. These include protection devices and transformers. Distribution boards are also different for the two.


You wouldn’t want to gamble with the lighting system of your commercial space. For that reason, it would be best to work with a reputable company like J.E.C. Call us today for excellent services at reasonable prices.

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