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Commercial Lighting Maintenance Fullerton CA

Are you looking for professional Commercial Lighting Maintenance Fullerton? At J.E.C, we offer full service interior, exterior, and repair lighting services. We combine unrivaled diagnostic experience with highly trained and experienced experts and best-in-range equipment to deliver stellar services. For more than 42 years now, we have served people and businesses in Fullerton, Orange County, CA, and we continue to better our services.

Long List Of Commercial Lighting Services

At JEC Commercial Lighting Maintenance Fullerton, we are a full-service commercial lighting company that specializes in all forms of commercial lighting. Some of our services include:

Banners And Decorative Lighting

We know the importance of banners and decorative lighting in your business marketing campaigns. We install the decorative lights within the set design standards to ensure the safety of the lights and strategic placement. Through our experienced technicians, we will size your banners on light poles for safe and optimal display.

Upgrade Your Lighting With Night Inspections

Current commercial lights not working as expected? We can help you upgrade them to more suited lights. Our process involves an audit where we check the conditions of your lights, a review and proposal, and then we implement. We have follow-up programs to ensure that everything is working optimally.

Since our services are available for you for 24 hours a day, any day of the week, in Fullerton, CA, we offer inspections at night when the lights are on. We love to enjoy the success of our handy work and see your business flourish from the lights we install. During the night inspection, we can create a report of the lighting deficiencies in each center, and offer an approximate cost of repair to get the lights back on track.

Parking Lot Lighting Maintenance Fullerton And Repair

Site lighting is an important safety aspect for every business for your employees, customers, and patrons. Do not search for lighting maintenance companies near me anymore as we have you covered. Our services include replacing burnt lamps, transformers, ballasts, and controls. We also locate and repair underground electric systems to ensure your parking lot lights are burning bright at all times. Our Commercial Lighting Maintenance Fullerton services are all-inclusive, so you have your lights back on and business back on track within no time. Call today to schedule an inspection.

Interior Lighting

The lights inside your business premises are as important as the light outside. If you run a service business, the lights inside offer more than a means for people to see the surroundings and for the employees to work. Interior lights create a mood, especially in restaurants, movie theaters, and many other places. If you need professional lighting services in Fullerton, CA, we have you covered.

Good lighting creates a great ambience in your business space. We install and configure contemporary lighting to ensure energy savings and bring out the mood you need to create. Whether you need restaurant, warehouse, or retail lighting, our Commercial Lighting Maintenance Fullerton services have you covered.

Our Services Include:

  • Replacing or repairing light fixtures
  • Energy efficient upgrades
  • Project consulting
  • Power quality assessment
  • Lighting analysis
  • Lighting planning
  • Rebate processing
  • Cost estimates
  • Lighting installation

We will help you create a well-lit and energy-efficient lighting space. We will work with you to create a lighting plan that reinforces and represents your business. We evaluate the needs of your business to determine the best type and placement for your business lights.

Commercial Interior Lighting Audits

Upgrading your commercial interior lights offers so many benefits to your business. Before any upgrades, however, we perform an audit to ensure that you get the best lights. Our goal is to ensure you get lights that serve your customers and your employees. Whether you need to replace conventional bulbs with more energy-efficient and durable LEDs, or you need to replace white and yellow bulbs with colored options, we have you covered. Search for commercial lighting repair near me no more as we offer all the services you need.

Our Process

During the interior commercial lighting audit, we consider the following:

  • The brightness and dimness of the lights you need, depending on your space
  • The colors that best create the mood you need, or offer the most lighting for the tasks you will carry out in your space
  • The size of your space to ensure the light fixtures are proportionate to the size of the rooms
  • Space configurations to choose the right size of lighting fixtures for your space
  • Existing lights and natural light into the room – we seek to create balance between natural light and existing light to create an efficient lighting system

When shopping for lights, you will need to consider the aesthetics, the cost, and the energy efficiency. Our Commercial Lighting Maintenance Fullerton services will help you pick the right lighting system to meet your needs. You do not have to search for commercial lighting repair near me anymore. Call us and we will meet your needs.

Why Choose Us?

An Experienced Team of Electrical Experts

We have the best team in Fullerton CA to repair, maintain, and install a host of electrical equipment. We can help install panel boards, breakers, fuses, emergency lights, switches, exit lights, air compressors, receptacles, light fans, smoke detectors, motors, and signs among others. Our technicians have diverse specializations to ensure that we meet all your lighting and electrical needs.

We seek to build your office, restaurant, warehouse, parking lot, or retail space to meet your needs. For over 42 years, we have wired furniture outlets, warehouses, security offices, and parking lots. We have also handled industrial lighting systems in industries and roadways, and we guarantee quality services. If you need industrial lighting maintenance and repair Fullerton services, call us and we will be there to deliver.

Advanced Equipment For Accurate Diagnostics And Repair

Our team is not complete without the range of advanced equipment to handle any commercial and industrial lighting situation. We use the equipment in our services which include:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Demolition
  • 3-Phase Wiring
  • New Construction
  • Remodeling and repairing
  • Lighting maintenance
  • Infrared thermometer testing
  • Surge protection
  • Tenant finish
  • Sign hook up
  • Dedicated circuits
  • Electrical inspection

Instead of conventional hand tools and equipment, we have invested in advanced power and technologically advanced tools. We follow a strict process, which involves identifying, inspecting, installing or repairing, and then testing our work to ensure it is in good working condition. In all our projects, we maintain high standards of service to guarantee safety, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Customer-First Mantra With Fair Prices

As our client, we assign you a manager who understands your business and your needs. The manger organizes all the maintenance and inspection schedules, and seeks to learn more about your organization to deliver bespoke services. Your facility will never miss an inspection or a maintenance as the manager is always checking the schedules. If you have any questions or concerns, you can always call and someone will be waiting on the line any time of the day any day of the week. Our 24-hour service ensures that we are always there for you when you need us the most. This is our commitment to you.

We are committed to keeping you in the loop on your process so that we meet your expectations all the time. With clear communication and advanced online customer tools, we will deliver on every project on time.

With a regular lighting maintenance routine, you enjoy the benefits of functional lights all the time. Our services are consistent to help you operate your business consistently.

Fair Prices

At J.E.C, we offer personalized services where our experts curate the plans by the types of bulbs and fixtures to your business. Our costs are dependent on the services we offer, but we are always cost-effective and reliable.

We understand your business needs in Orange County and the need to hire affordable services. Through our audit, we check the most effective system for your business without compromising the quality of the lights. Coupled with high quality customer service and stellar electrical services, we ensure you get more than you pay for.

Fire And Electrical Safety Are Our Priorities

Our Commercial Lighting Maintenance Fullerton services ensure that your premises are safe from fire and electric hazards. You no longer have to search for lighting maintenance companies near me as we are here to not only keep you operational, but also ensure your safety.

Whether we are handling parking lot lighting maintenance Fullerton or industrial lighting maintenance and repair Fullerton, we conduct casual and thermal imaging checks to identify any potential hazards. Thermal imaging combined with casual checks show us:

  • Loose connections
  • Corroded cables
  • Loose breakers
  • Overloaded breakers
  • Dust and lint accumulation

From the checks, we can then rectify the system to ensure you are safe at all times and your system operates optimally. Allowing us to inspect your system annually will keep you safe from any looming fire hazards.

Responding To Emergencies

We are on call 24/7 to ensure that you get the services you need at any time of the day. If you have an electrical emergency that kicks out your lights, you can call us and we will be there to handle it. Whether you have a fire, flood, feeder failure, or when the power lines are down, we will be there for you to help you get your lights back.

We can install emergency lighting using a generator to keep you on in case of a flood or any other emergency. We also install portable area lighting and temporary overhead feeders. You do not have to let an emergency keep you out of business.

Speak To An Expert Today

Do you want to experience personalized Commercial Lighting Maintenance Fullerton? You no longer have to search for commercial lighting contractors near me as we are already here to serve you.

We ensure you have the best types of lights inside and outside your commercial premises to conduct your business in an efficient manner. As the world moves towards green energy and energy-efficient lighting, so are we. If you need solar lighting, or you need to swap the energy-intensive lights to energy-efficient bulbs, we are here for you. We have installed bulbs in hundreds of businesses and we know what works the best for your kind of business.

You can eliminate chances of your lights going off through regular maintenance. But if your lights ever fail you, we are your commercial lighting repair near me to help you get back on business.

Contact us today and speak to a professional. Provide us with details of the problem, and we will be at your location within a short time for an audit and full inspection. We give you a free quote after the inspection so that you can start planning the repairs and services.

Our Commercial Lighting Maintenance Fullerton are here for you.

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