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We bring energy-saving, secure, and reliable solutions.

We offer residential commercial, and industrial lighting & electrical services. Don’t be caught off guard by an improperly working security system or unnerved by poorly lit space. We help you discover every corner of energy and lighting efficient usage in your office or home with our expert commercial electrical wiring. Experience safety and comfort to your home or business – at J.E.C contractors Orange County we cover all corners for you. Our electricians Orange County will work with you and recommend the most efficient ways to save on all your electrical and security needs.

Enjoy a complete line of products and electrical services that remain functional and reliable.

At J.E.C, we provide full-service and quality every step of the way. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing we are a full service electrical company that can handle your needs for an Orange County electric.

Our electricians have been servicing commercial buildings for over 42 years, call us now!


In addition to our comprehensive range of commercial services, J.E.C. electricians are dedicated to ensuring the safety and efficiency of your business’s electrical systems. Our expertise extends to the installation of dedicated circuits, surge protection, and security lighting, providing you with peace of mind and an optimal working environment. Our team is also proficient in Cat 6 and RG 6 installations, ensuring that your communication and data networks are up to date and reliable.

Our commitment to excellence doesn’t end with installation; we also offer electrical inspection and additional power solutions tailored to your business’s specific needs. Whether you require troubleshooting for faulty wiring or an infrared thermometer testing to detect potential issues, our highly experienced Orange County commercial electrical contractors are equipped to handle any challenge. With our monthly lighting maintenance plans, you can rest assured that your business’s lighting system will remain functional and efficient, keeping your workspace and parking lots well-lit and productive. Choose J.E.C. for all your commercial electrical needs and experience the difference that our expertise and dedication can make.

At J.E.C, our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you with all aspects of your electrical needs. From providing vital information on the latest industry standards to developing customized electricity plans that suit your property’s unique requirements, we have you covered. Our experts will assess your project, taking into consideration the area, site, and current energy usage, to create an energy plan that optimizes your property’s efficiency. Our skilled electricians are adept at handling a wide range of devices and ensuring that all wire and wiring installations are completed to the highest standards. Choose J.E.C for a truly personalized and comprehensive electrical service that keeps your property functioning at its best.


Our team identifies, inspects, correctly installs, and tests all our work. We maintain a high standard of electrical service and repair.

We bring quality work based on skilled planning, design, cost analysis, and preparation with our electricians Orange County. At J.E.C, our technicians are continually being trained in new coding as well as service & repair methods and equipped with the most modern technology. We employ a team of highly-trained electrical contractors in Orange County who go beyond expectations in electrical service & repair.

You Get Responsive Service

We pride ourselves on our responsiveness. You will get high-level, quality work in a timely, well-organized fashion. We are focused on getting the job done right, as quickly as possible as an Orange County Electric company. Our commercial electricians in Orange County deliver the highest level of efficiency and professionalism. From start to finish we are thorough, detailed, and bring care to all our work. We offer same day commercial services!

You Get Fair Prices

Our repairs are cost-efficient and reliable. We know cost is important when hiring an electrical contractors Orange County. Our thorough consultation services determine the most cost-efficient system for you. Our team of Electricians Orange County is trained in providing the highest quality of customer service.

You Get Expertise

You will be led through each stage with transparent pricing and planning. We maintain transparency in time and cost for every project and are knowledgeable of the latest regulations. From start to finish, our experienced Orange County industrial electricians provide excellence in customer and electrical service and repair.


We consistently employ, train, and re-train our electricians on the latest advancements to provide our customers with the best. 

Hire J.E.C contractors Orange County, and you get a highly-skilled, well-trained, reliable team. Finally, your search for finding the best commercial electrician company near me has come to an end!

Commercial Electrical Services

Increase productivity in your commercial space with our Orange County Electric services. Improve your electrical usage from the technology you use daily to your security system. Your daily electricity usage is one of the most costly utilities. Get energy-efficient indoor & outdoor lighting, properly maintained energy-usage, and lighting control. We bring light and efficient-energy usage to spaces that previously might have been inhibited or not even usable.

We install sensors, fluorescent bulbs, and many more energy savers.

Reduce faulty connections and bring light to all corners with our services.

We bring comfort, safety, and reliability to you.


Improve lighting, safety, and comfort in your home. Upgrade your home theater installation, whole house energy efficiency, or surge protection to name a few residential services we offer as electricians Orange County. Our electrical contractors Orange County services will bring safe and sophisticated electrical wiring to your home.

No more unsafe and tangled extension cords or power strips that strain your home’s electrical systems. We provide you with safe, reliable power. You will love your electrical wiring when it’s done the right way.

Industrial Electrical Services

We have experience in designing and planning industrial spaces. From new construction to electrical upgrades, we provide electrical work and lighting for any industrial project. We have experience in equipping hospitals, factories, parking garages, warehouses, restaurants, and more.

No matter the size we can accommodate any building and workforce. We also offer routine maintenance and on-demand repair services. Blown circuits and idle machinery will be a thing of the past.

You won’t have to worry about the loss of productivity during business hours.


We hire the best large electrical contractors in Orange County, CA. Our team is equipped with the newest tools, meticulous code compliance techniques, and trained in strict attention to detail. We are a full-service electrical company providing excellence in commercial, residential, and industrial electrical maintenance. J.E.C. is made up of the best commercial electrical contractors in Orange County.

We believe in education and training. We will work closely with a team of knowledgeable and certified electricians to assure quality and satisfaction. As one of the leading electrical installation companies, we only hire the best electricians in Orange County in the trades.



We make it happen the right way. We provide cost-efficient, reliable electrical repairs. You can depend on our fully bonded and insured Orange County electricians.

At J.E.C, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive range of electrical services, ensuring that every aspect of your property’s electrical system is expertly managed. Our skilled technicians are adept at installing, maintaining, and repairing outlets, switches, and breakers, ensuring your power supply remains reliable and safe. We also handle fuse replacements, meter installations, and any other electrical components that require expert attention.

Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional lighting solutions, from the installation of energy-efficient lights to regular maintenance and repair of your existing lighting system. Choose J.E.C for all your electrical needs, and experience the peace of mind that comes from working with a team of professionals who are committed to delivering quality and excellence in every project.

Your objectives lead our work, and moreover we communicate every step we take towards them. Are you ready to upgrade the electrical for your business or home? Need reliable electrical upgrades? Our Orange County electricians will lead you through every step with completely transparent, efficient, and skilled work. Choose J.E.C. for the best commercial electricians on standby.

Proudly serving Anaheim, Brea, Fullerton, Orange, Placentia, and Yorba Linda. Prompt and reliable electricians. J.E.C. industrial electrician service has been a local favorite for over 42 years. Experience our neighborly care with our quick and reliable industrial commercial electrical contractors. Quit typing “industrial electrician companies near me” into the search bar, you’ve already found the best!

Creating a well-lit space can make all the difference. Let our Orange County electric company help you make every corner appear ready and monitored for your safety and comfort. You’ll be surprised at how our service will improve your office space or home.

Quality commercial electrical repair and installation services can impress positive moods and bring peace of mind. Our team of fully licensed electrical contractors Orange County provides efficient, cost-effective solutions for all of your electrical needs, no matter how large or small. Allow your business or home to flourish with reliable electrical work and design.

You’ll love the change that comes from upgrading or renovating your electrical and lighting powers sources.

When you choose J.E.C. as your preferred electrical service provider, you’re not just getting an experienced team of electricians – you’re getting a partner dedicated to your property’s success. Our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, combined with our extensive knowledge in the field, makes us the ideal choice for all your electrical needs. Whether you need assistance with rates, project planning, or site-specific solutions, our team is here to help. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and see why Orange County consistently chooses J.E.C. for all its electrical needs.

We work to the fullest level of our potential.

We are a highly trained, fully bonded, professional electrical service and repair company. See why Orange County always chooses J.E.C. as its preferred industrial electrician near me.


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