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Why choose J.E.C when you have electrical needs.

There are many electrical companies in Brea, CA, but some of the things that make us stand out as the best include:

  • We are licensed and insured
  • Reliable and transparent services
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Affordable services
  • Emergency services
  • Availability and timeliness

So, for all your electrical services needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our team of experts and professionals is always ready to help.

Industrial Electrical Services Brea

Whether our clients want electrical upgrades or new constructions, we offer lighting and electrical work for various industrial projects in Brea, CA.

Our employees have the right knowledge, skills, and experience in planning and designing industrial spaces, making us the number one provider of industrial electrical services in Brea. We equip factories, hospitals, parking garages, restaurants, warehouses, schools, and more.

Some of the industrial electrical services we offer in Brea, CA, include system upgrade and replacement, machine wiring, and warehouse lighting system installation and maintenance.

Industrial Electrical Services
Commercial Electrical Services

Commercial Electrical Services Brea

Our commercial electrical services in Brea will help you increase productivity in the commercial spaces of our clients. We help our clients across Brea, CA, get energy-efficient outdoor and indoor lighting, lighting control, and properly maintained energy usage.

In turn, this helps them get the best out of their electricity and save on electricity bills. We also install fluorescent bulbs, sensors, and other energy savers. We ensure that those facilities are reliable, safe, and comfortable for everyone there.

Our services assure clients in Brea, CA, that they will not come across any faulty connections in the facility.

Residential Electrical Services Brea

Our employees help improve lighting, energy efficiency, safety, and comfort in residential buildings all over Brea, CA.

Our residential electrical services in Brea assure clients that they no longer have to deal with tangles and unsafe power strips or cords in their homes. Those can be a danger to residents and strain the electrical system of the house.

Residential Electrical Services
Lighting Maintenance

Lighting Maintenance Brea

Routine maintenance for lighting systems is essential to reduce the risk of failures and ensure that everything is working properly in residential and commercial buildings in Brea, CA.

At J.E.C., once we have lighting installed, we are always at your service when you need us to do lighting maintenance in Brea on simple or complex lighting systems.

Electrical Installation Services Brea

Faulty electric installation in Brea, CA, could be a danger to people in the building, either residential or commercial. Not only that, but It could also lead to a waste of power. Using our electrical installation services in Brea, clients are sure to get safe and efficient electrical installations, regardless of the type of installation.

Electrical Installation Services
Electrical Repair Services

Electrical Repair Services Brea

No matter the type of electrical repair service clients want, we ensure it is done safely and perfectly. Our electrical repair services in Brea ensure that all the appliances in the house remain safe from electrical surges.

We also check to determine there are no naked or tangled electrical cables that could result in a fire hazard.

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