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Why Choose J.E.C For Professional Electrical Services In Yorba Linda

It may be hard to decide who to hire with all the electrical companies in Yorba Linda, CA. Below are a few reasons to choose us:
We take care of all your electrical needs. Always professional, kind, and happy to help with all your issues. J.E.C has been providing exceptional electrical services for 42 years.

Industrial Electrical Services Yorba Linda

We offer many electrical services to our industrial clients. Here are a few:

  • Fresh lighting installs and maintenance
  • Industrial electrical upgrades
  • General electric work
  • Lighting installs
  • Machine wiring

We have the skills and expertise to create a plan for your industrial project. At J.E.C, we are always quick on our feet! We are extensively trained to address issues specific to the industrial field. We equip restaurants, hospitals, factories, schools, and more.

Industrial Electrical Services
Commercial Electrical Services

Commercial Electrical Services Yorba Linda

Increase productivity by having lighting installed correctly. We install indoor and outdoor lighting geared for proper energy usage. Think of it as earning more by spending less. Using proper lighting can lower electric bills. We also install sensors, fluorescent lights, and more to help you reduce energy costs. At J.E.C, we make a conscious effort to help you cut costs. Trust J.E.C, we guarantee our work is done right the first time.

Residential Electrical Services Yorba Linda

Tangled-up cords and unstable power strips can be a hazard. Let us help you keep your home safe. We ensure to improve efficiency, safety, and lighting in your homes. For safe and guaranteed service, trust only J.E.C.

Residential Electrical Services
Lighting Maintenance

Lighting Maintenance Yorba Linda

Routine maintenance helps keep your system safe and prevents problems from arising. After installations, you can count on us to handle the upkeep of your lighting system. We take residential and commercial clients of Yorba Linda. At J.E.C, you can rely on us for simple or complex lighting maintenance.

Electrical Installation Services Yorba Linda

A faulty electrical system is a hazard and can be dangerous to occupants. On top of that, it also leaves room for power leaks. Call J.E.C for cost-effective electrical installation services, whether for your home or business. You can trust J.E.C for professional and reliable installs.

Electrical Installation Services
Electrical Repair Services

Electrical Repair Services Yorba Linda

At J.E.C, we work safely and effectively. We check for tangled or exposed cables as this is a fire hazard. Over time, electrical systems may need repairs. We ensure power surges won’t be an issue for you.

We understand time is valuable. At J.E.C, we guarantee the job is done safely and correctly, and on time. We ensure your residential or commercial property is safe and sound before leaving. For all your electrical repairs, please call us!

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