Common Electrical Issues In Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings have highly complex wiring systems, and because of that, they tend to have electrical issues more often than residential dwellings. Routine checks by your commercial electrician in Anaheim will help you keep your system up and running in the safest capacity possible. Typical electrical problems found in commercial properties are sparks at outlets, flickering lights, and tripped breakers. Being proactive when you see these issues occur is the best way to prevent long-term damage and keep everyone in your building safe.


When machines and appliances are plugged into electrical outlets, sparks being emitted can be a potential hazard. Sparks can lead to burnt or melted wires. If you see this happen, turn off power at the primary source, and then call a commercial electrician who can review the problem and make a repair.


Flickering and dimmed lights in commercial buildings are often the result of poor connections in the wiring system. When this issue goes unresolved for too long, it can result in long-term damage that requires a complete repair. Call an electrician as soon as you notice lights flickering or going dim. He is trained to find the problem and recommend a solution for it.


Circuit breakers can get flipped for several reasons. They may be overloaded, have a short circuit, or a ground fault which can become a dangerous fire hazard for the building. If this begins happening, turn off the power to stop the flow of electricity and prevent the circuit from overheating further. Then call a commercial electrician to repair it and avoid further issues.


A few critical electrical safety tips for you are always following your building’s safety protocol, using only licensed contractors, and paying attention to your appliances, lights, fixtures, etc. Poor maintenance is the primary cause of electrical damage in commercial buildings, so frequently have a qualified, licensed electrician come to inspect the building’s wiring system. This proactive approach will save money and possibly property and employees in the long run.

For help you can trust, contact JEC, your local commercial electricians in Anaheim. We have a team of qualified, licensed, and trained electricians who can perform all of your maintenance needs. We provide these services for all commercial buildings.


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